How often will I be allowed to touch myself?
You will be allowed to touch your cunt and breasts whenever you are training. You are allowed to train as often as you wish.

You will be allowed to orgasm as often as you wish. As a short-term guest, you will be allowed to upgrade your status to full harem girl. Then you will need permission to orgasm.
Will Jack rape me?
Jack does not force himself on his harem girls. Many harem girls start as Lesbians. If you wish to serve Jack nonsexually, you may be his trophy girl or maid.
Will I be allowed to leave the harem residence?
You may be Jack's escort/trophy girl for some outside event. You are allowed to visit Second Life when accompanied by another harem girl.
Will I be punished often?
If you are obedient, you will not be punished.

Nonetheless, a punishment is a common part of the harem girl experience. The main objective of the punishment is to install the proper attitude and decrease future disobedience.

The punishments are unpleasant but not unduly severe. Please do not accept this vacation if you are unwilling to do the punishments you are given.
Will anyone try to hypnotize me?

The staff psychologist offers light hypnosis to help you feel more beautiful or obedient. These are optional. (Sample

Will I have to wear a chastity belt?

You may not touch your cunt except when given permission. If you can control yourself, you will not have to wear a chastity belt

Cost and Privacy?
There are no costs associated with this website. Everything is private. Please do not disclose any personal information about the person you left behind when you entered this reality.